Listen to an interview with Yesenia Barragan and Enrique De La Cruz from SAY San Diego speak about their organization, its history, and their work:

Season 3 Episode 6 (SAY! San Diego ft. Yesenia Barragan & Enrique De La Cruz) – Catanation Studios

Read about Community Action Service Advocacy group (CASA)’s successful appeal against the proposal of another marijuana dispensary in La Mesa:

Permit for New La Mesa Urban Leaf Dispensary Now a Pipe Dream After CASA Wins Appeal at Hearing – East County Magazine

Read about a local campaign to end flavored tobacco sales in San Diego County:

Campaign Seeks to End Sale of Flavored Tobacco in San Diego and Chula Vista – Times of San Diego

Read about Pierra Moise, a local health educator fighting the harmful effects of tobacco in San Diego County:

A Poway resident writes in to the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Pomerado News to voice community support for Smoke Free Outdoor Dining. Read the letter to the editor here:

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