Hooked on Hookah

Hookah use is increasing faster than any other tobacco product. In California 11.2% adult males (24.5%, 18-24 years) and 2.8% adult females (10%, 18-24 year) have ever smoked hookah.

Hookah smoke is dangerous. The duration of a single puff of hookah smoke is double that of a cigarette and the suction pressure for inhalation of hookah smoke is four times that for a cigarette therefore hookah smoke reaches deeper into the lung tissue.

Health risks of hookah smoking are:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Adverse pulmonary effects
  • Cancer of the lungs, mouth and bladder
  • Infertility in females & sterility in males
  • Low birth weight and birth defects in babies born to smoking mothers
  • Increase risk of communicable diseases (hepatitis, herpes and tuberculosis)

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