Businesses have the right to create policies that prohibit smoking on their property. They can determine the type of smoking restrictions anywhere on their property just like no skateboarding, no alcohol consumption or no pet rules.

A few examples of the types of restriction property owners/mangers can make are:

  • No smoking 50 feet (or 20 feet) from any main exit, entrance, or operable window of the building.
  • No smoking anywhere on the property.
  • No smoking anywhere on the property, except for designated smoking areas.

How You Can Help

If the business you work at or visit does not have a smoke-free policy, get involved. Before you start, go to respected health organizations that have information to back up your concerns with facts and scientific evidence. Visit Fact & Figures to get started.

Find out how big the problem is. Who does it affect?  How is it affecting you? Who else might have this problem?

Other ideas of things you can do

  • If you work their, contact someone in the Human Resource Department and bring up your concerns.
  • If you are a visitor or customer, contact the customer service center to share your preference for smoke-free environments.
  • Contact a Tobacco Free Communities Coalition member in your region for more help.
  • Let your local government representative know about your concern and desire for smoke-free environments. They may be able to help or mediate the problem. Find your local representative here
  • Join the SmokeFreeSanDiego Team
  • Like us on Facebook to see what is going on in San Diego


Sample Smoke-Free Property Policy

Although not required by law, to successfully encourage compliance with any no smoking rule we advise all to complete the following steps.

  • Educate those directly effected by the policy (provide a written copy of the policy to the all tenants and vendors)
  • Remove all ashtrays 
  • Post proper signage
  • Establish an enforcement protocol

The Tobacco Education Clearing Housing of California has various types of signs and stickers that can be custom ordered for our business. For more information visit  or call 1-800-258-9090 ext. 103 to order a catalog.