Having a smokefree entryway and/or sidewalk is good for business and good for health. No one should have to walk through a cloud of smoke to enter a business or have secondhand smoke drift inside from open doors or windows.

Smoke-Free Entryways and/or Sidewalk Laws in San Diego County

All public property including, but not limited to, streets, highways, alleys, rights-of-way, parkways, sidewalks, parking lots and pathways.

Smoking is prohibited and is unlawful in the Oceanside Pier and Pier Plaza Area.

Smoking prohibited within twenty (20) feet outside of a city-owned building, it shall be unlawful to smoke in an area between twenty (20) feet and eighty (80) feet from the entrance, exit, or operable window of a city-owned building if signs are posted at the specified distance from the building entrance that indicate such prohibition.

Businesses, agencies, organizations, property managers or property owners can insititue polices on their property making the entryways and/or sidewalks smoke-free. Visit Policies to learn more.

How You Can Help

  • Follow the Take Action steps to let your local government representative know you support smoke-free entryways and sidewalks. Find your local representative here. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, church groups or club to join you.
  • Write a letter to the editor in response to something in the newspaper. Keep your response short and to the point. Letters to the editor are read by many and can make a difference.
  • Join the SmokeFreeSanDiego Team
  • Like us on Facebook to see what is going on in San Diego.

Resources for Policy Makers

How to Protect Your Community from Secondhand Smoke: An Introduction to a Comprehensive Secondhand Smoke Model Ordinance

There is No Constitutional Right to Smoke

How to enforce smokefree entryway policies
For those cities and counties that have already passed smokefree entryway ordinances, enforcement has not been an issue. The key components of enforcement and compliance is having proper signage and public awareness. In the vast majority of cases, smoke-free entryway policies are self-enforcing.