A number of legal ruling give landlords rights to restrict smoking. In 2011, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 332: Authorizing Landlords to Prohibit Smoking in Rental Units into law. Landlords now have clear authority to create smoke-free policies.

Landlords have the legal right to set limits on how a tenant may use rental property –for instance, by restricting guest, noise and pets. A “no-smoking” term is similar to a “no pets” restriction in the lease – another way for a landlord to protect his or her property.

There is NO constitutional right to smoke. No court has ever recognized smoking as a fundamental right nor has any court ever found smokers to be a protected class. Smoking is a behavior, not a condition of birth.


To learn more about creating a no smoking policy for your community read How Landlords Can Prohibit Smoking in Rental Housing

Contact the agency listed in your area, they can help you:

  • Survey your tenants
  • Draft policy language
  • Provide quit smoking help to tenants
  • Offer tips on how to implement and enforce your policy

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The Tobacco Education Clearing House of California has various types of signs and stickers that can be custom ordered for your business. For more information visit www.tobaccofreecatalog.org or call 1-800-258-9090 ext. 103 to order a catalog.

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