Cities and Counties have the authority to enact laws stronger than the State. With that, communities throughout California can have different types of tobacco laws.

Here you will find what local laws are in San Diego County and why they are important. Residents can find out how they can help advance the smoke-free movement in their community and learn about current projects.  Policy makers can find sample ordinances, policy implementation tools, and other useful resources.

To find out if there is a local law in your community, check out the following categories.

Dining Patios



Parks & Beaches

Tobacco Retail Licensing

Tobacco Sampling


All local tobacco control laws are enforced by the local law enforcement agency where the violation occurred. View Reporting Violations for more information

Other Outdoor Areas

  • Coronado’s city council voted 3-2 in favor of a comprehensive smoking ordinance to  ban smoking in public places.The ordinance will cover beaches, parks and sidewalks.  Restaurants are  already smoke-free, except for patios.  But the ban will include restaurant  and cafe patios on city property
  • The City of El Cajon has the most comprehensive smoking restrictions of any city in San Diego County. Smoking in restricted in any public place. This including multi-unit residence common area, sidewalks, streets, plazas, stores, stadiums, taxi and buses lines, common areas of shopping malls and enclosed and unenclosed place of hotels, businesses, restaurants, bars, and other public accommodationand. El Cajon Municipal Code 8.32
  • The City of Del Mar bans smoking in all public plazas and public semi-public spaces, including all outdoor arenas, stadiums, and amphitheaters and in any bleachers and grandstands. Del Mar Municipal Code 11.08
  • The City of Solana Beach prohibits smoking in public indoor and outdoors areas of museums, galleries, theaters, auditoriums, concert facilities and halls and unenclosed grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and supermarkets, and street fairs. Solana Beach Municipal Code 6.16.030

State Laws

The State of California has laws that regulate the use and sale of tobacco products, everywhere in the State. Visit State Laws for more information.


Companies or organizations can create policies that regulate the use and sale of tobacco products on their property. Check out Policies for more information.


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