Impressed with increasing declines in California’s smoking rate, and determined to protect its riders and employees from the dangers posed by secondhand smoke, public transit agencies are exploring smoking bans at bus and trolley stops and transportation facilities.

In May 2007, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System made history by becoming the first transit agency in Southern California, and the largest in the state, to implement a smoking ban at all transit stops and facilities.

Smoke-Free Transit Policies in San Diego County

Compliance with smoke-free transit is up to all of us. Here are a few tips:

  • Remember that tourists hailing from places that are not yet smoke-free may not know about this special San Diego amenity. And even a few locals may need a gentle reminder.
  • Speak up if some is smoking in a protected zone, but remember to stay polite. The law is on your side, if you see a no smoking sign point to it.
  • If all else fails, look for a transit employee or security and tell them about the situation.